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It is our mission at, "Lift as we Climb, Inc." to provide children with the opportunity to unleash their full potential in a meaningful capacity. We strive to support our young men and women as they mature and develop into the leaders of our community. To pamper their growth, we offer a number of activities in which students will benefit from differentiated academic and recreational instruction and practice. Mentors will assure that children are able to self-reflect, set meaningful goals, and learn to become self-sufficient.

As a part of the "Lift as we Climb" family we commit to upholding the highest of standards based upon what we have identified as the core values of our organization and our lives. Staff, and youth alike commit to L.I.F.T one another and challenge each other as we climb to inconceivable heights.

Our Values

Leadership; we create an environment in which our youth are given the opportunity to develop their leadership ability. We will unwrap the potentials of our leaders of TODAY.

Individuality; welcoming and encouraging individuality is important. We celebrate diversity and our hope is to highlight the value in coming together as unique and important individuals.

Fortitude; we believe that in life, timidity tarnishes opportunities and make dreams impossible. At Lift as we Climb Camp we inspire courageous behavior to help create opportunities and make dreams possible.

Tenacity; lastly we mentor students to build their confidence, and empower them to engage in rigorous activity and to never give up or give in when things get tough