L.I.F.T As We Climb Camp

L.I.F.T As We Climb Camp

Leaders of Tomorrow Motivational Tour

L.I.F.T speakers travel to engage young audiences. We seek to challenge the perspective of young minds and motivate youth to push their limits farther than they can imagine. We use our personal experiences to catalyst students into their own future. To book a L.I.F.T speaker please contact liftasweclimbcamp@gmail.com

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Boot Camp To Success

We have noticed a huge problem that is very evident in all urban communities. Our young men are in need of positive male role models to teach them and mold them in to the great men that the desire to become. With that in mind, L.I.F.T As We Climb, Inc. created and put into place our Boot Camp To Success program which takes young men from Newark, NJ and surrounding urban areas in to a safe environment. We mix fitness, team building, mentoring, tutoring, leadership training, and field trips all together to create a program of substance for young males.

L.A.W.C Camp

Lift as we Climb Camp seeks to empower and equip young men and women with the necessary tools for success. L.I.F.T as We Climb Camp is a camp in which youth are afforded the opportunity to strengthen social, academic, and kinesthetic ability, Camp will be held for six weeks of the summer starting on Monday, July 8th.

 Coach Camp speaking to the next generation of leaders

Coach Camp speaking to the next generation of leaders

Leaders of Tomorrow Mentoring Program

Every child deserves an opportunity to experience life beyond their immediate environment. Versatility is essential to developing our strong, tenacious, independent leaders of tomorrow. L.I.F.T As We Climb can offer a plethora of life experience through our mentoring programs. Our mentors work with children to plan goals which will pamper their growth and development, while exposing them to vast opportunities, and providing them the encouragement and support they need to achieve their goals.