L.I.F.T as We Climb: Donate to Help Give Our Youth a Better Opportunity


"It is our mission at, "Lift as we Climb Camp" to provide children with the opportunity to unleash their full potential in a meaningful capacity. We strive to support our young men and women as they mature and develop into the leaders of our community. To pamper their growth, we offer a number of activities in which students will benefit from differentiated academic and recreational instruction and practice. Mentors will assure that children are able to self-reflect, set meaningful goals, and learn to become self-sufficient."

We strive to provide the best for our youth by providing a safe and fulfilling environment. Donations are used to provide children with the space and the resources to develop and grow into the leaders of tomorrow. L.I.F.T as We Climb is a home away from home, where youth can participate in recreational activities, educational enrichment, and mentoring relationships. 

In order for our services to truly be beneficial for a child, we believe we must work on one accord with the community. As a community member, you can contribute to our mission of giving youth a better opportunity by volunteering, or giving a donation. 

For more information on volunteer opportunities contact, Keenan Oliver at liftasweclimbcamp@gmail.com or keenan.oliverj@gmail.com 

Please join our movement by making a donation and LIFTING our community by clicking the link below or buying a L.A.W.C Camp T-Shirt.